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About the centre

Federal State Budgetary Institution "Federal Scientific and Educational Centre of Medial and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation named after G.A. Albreht" of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation develops theoretical and practical aspects of the problems connected with disability and disabled people.

The purposes of the Centre are:

1. Development of theoretical bases of:
- organization and functioning, public services of medical and social expertise and rehabilitation of disabled people, rehabilitation industry;
- medical and social expertise;
- the formation of multidisciplinary medical and social rehabilitation programmes for different categories of disabled people.

2. Development and implementation of:
- new models of activity of public services of medical and social expertise, rehabilitation of disabled people and functioning of the rehabilitation industry;
- new methods of rehabilitation and expert diagnosis and assessment of the rehabilitation effect;
- new types of prosthetic and orthopedic products and technologies, as well as modern assistive devices of rehabilitation of disabled people;
- modern forms of organization of prosthetic and orthopedic care to the population;
- modern rehabilitation technologies, including conservative and surgical preparation for prosthetics.
3. Implementation of scientific and methodological and practical activities in the field of medical and social expertise, prosthetics, prosthetic engineering and rehabilitation of the disabled.
4. Development of the scientific basis for the adoption of laws and other normative and legal acts and proposals to improve legislation in the field of social protection of disabled people.
5. Information support for disability problems and disabiled people, including creating and functioning support of an information and reference analytical system for the registration and rehabilitation of disabled people.

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